General Information
As part of your CMUG membership, you have access to our email discussion forum, hosted by Google. This is where members can exchange ideas, provide technical assistance to one another, recommend hardware, software, helpful websites, and discuss Macintosh or iDevice-related issues. Once you subscribe to the group, you will start receiving emails on various subjects being discussed by members of the group.

Join CMUG Google Groups
To join the CMUG-List Google Group, send an email to CMUG Membership. Send the request from the email account you want to use on the forum. Put "Join CMUG Google Group" in the Subject line of your message. Once you join, you'll receive a message stating that you are subscribed to the Google Groups "CMUG List" group. To post a message to this group, send an email to

CMUG Forum Rules and Conventions
This Forum is for the exchange of information and discussion of all things Apple and CMUG, but...

  • We do not discuss politics.
  • We do not discuss religion.
  • We do not FLAME OUT or RANT. Courtesy and decorum are the standard. Avoid the use of all caps, since this indicates shouting.
  • We do not include attachments in our message traffic, with the exception of screen shots that illustrate or provide an answer to a problem.

Now for the Conventions.

  • You may top post or bottom post, but please do not do both in the same message. Top posting is when you respond to a message above the original. This results in a C, B, A message listing (you read from bottom to top). Bottom posting is when your post your response to a message below the original (most current). This results in an A, B, C listing of the messages (you read from top to bottom).
  • Please delete unnecessary text from your responses (such as, "You received this message because you are subscribed....).
  • When you frame a question, be sure to include your system information device type: phone, pad, pod, book, etc., OS version, and application name and version. This reduces the number of messages passed back and forth requesting additional information.
  • Please do not post "me, too" responses. They don't add to the value of the discussion.
  • Please use black for your original text. Text you quote will normally be some other color. This helps differentiate between the two.
  • Please do not "reply" to someone else's message if you are sending a message on a new topic. Start a new message thread.

Problems or Questions
Problems such as how to use this forum, how to manage messages, inability to post, how to change delivery options, etc., should be sent to CMUG Membership. Monthly email reminders will be sent out detailing the rules and other information, such as how to unsubscribe from the group.