We would like to give special recognition and thanks to two current members and a select few burned-out, now-inactive members who worked so tirelessly to make CMUG one of the best computer clubs anywhere.

To Bill Dean, Mac Doctor Extraordinaire, who has logged thousands of upaid hours in house calls to solve computer problems for members, and put in very long hours while President of the club. At January 2004's CMUG meeting, Curt Herrin, then current President, surprised Bill Dean with a trophy designating him Mac Doctor Extraordinaire.

The trophy presented to Bill was designed and crafted by Jim Nicoll of Homosassa, and sports a stethoscope.

Bill continues to provide technical support and house calls, in addition to running CMUG's monthly Macintosh Workshop. Thanks, Bill!

To Randy Hernandez whose technical wizardry and computer knowledge have been indispensable since the very first meeting of the group. He was the head guru who presided over the Lab/TuneUp, served as President and VP/Technical, taught classes, made house calls, designed graphics for our Magazine, created the first CMUG website, and can make a Mac sing the "Ave Maria". Thanks, Randy!

To Gail Mitchell whose organizational skills built a "blue ribbon" organization out of a fledgling group of newbies. She pursued the legal work to incorporate, promoted CMUG within the community, encouraged members to expand their capabilities, planned agendas for meetings and labs, made house calls, taught classes, and generally whipped all of us into shape. She still provides articles for our Magazine. But what else can you expect from a schoolteacher/professor? Thanks, Gail!

To Kevin Gary who worked long hours as President, VP/Education, and technical guru during his tenure on the Board. He also made house calls, taught classes and tried to teach us Photoshop; however, some of us were unteachable. Thanks, Kevin!

To Bob Mann who held us together during those tenuous years as a fledgling club. He was our very first President when we held our meetings at Central Ridge Library. We soon outgrew that facility. Thanks, Bob!